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Syrelec Videoshoot
Syrelec Videoshoot
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Welcome to Pong Picture Page!

This site is a collector´s project. It is meant to be a comprehensive resource for serious collectors who want to get information and pictures about rare or unusual systems as well as a helpful tool for rookies who are just starting their own collections.
Our website is probably the world’s biggest source of pictures for classic video game systems and accessories from the beginning of home video gaming in the seventies to the major crash in the mid eighties!

This is NOT a commercial project nor is it an online shop and any prices we list are meant as average values only. These old systems can normally be found on eBay in the country they originally released for.

We are sorry, but you cannot buy any of the systems shown here from us!
but if you send us a mail we can probably help you to find and get your desired system on the net or from other sources.

Please use our search function to easily find information about specific consoles. There is also an advanced search option for more detailed searches.

The site is growing daily, but as it is a private project we are not always able to provide all of the information we have about the systems you might be interested in online. If you do not see the information you need, please drop us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions that we can.

The main focus of this site is on older and rarer video game systems; in particular, Pong systems, early cartridge based systems like the Fairchild Channel F, RCA studio II, and the Emerson Arcadia. In addition to these, we also present information on some of the most sought after and classic systems like the ColecoVision, Atari VCS 2600, GCE Vectrex,Mattel Intellivision, Bally Arcade, and the Magnavox Odyssey 2/ Videopac.

The main sources of our pictures are eBay and other collectors that have provided us with pictures of their own systems and have kindly granted us permission to use them. Therefore, the quality varies from very good to well... miserable. We cannot guarantee if all of the pictures that were sent to us were originally made by the sender or if they were take without permsission from other sources so please get in contact with us if you find pictures from your own collection and we will erase them from our catalog. Most of the pictures shown here will be replaced bit by bit with our own pictures that have been taken by professional photographers (for example all the pictures that are shown in the category pong/by rarity/very common).

The value shown for each item is just an average of how a particular item has sold over the past few years (we have been monitoring eBay since the year 2000). However, a system can sell for much more or less depending on how many collectors find it and really want it during the time the item is listed for auction. Also, there is a big difference in value based on where a system is sold. For example, you can buy a Colecovision on eBay/USA for $15 because it once had a huge distribution in the USA while the same system sells in Germany for $80. So, please don´t take our value reference too seriously.


The info given in the text after each item, for example [RN:6-3] [YR:77] [SC:DE], will be soon replaced by small graphics but before this happens you can get the following informations:

[RN:6-3]: This info is very important to get an idea of how desirable a system is:

R=Rarity (0-9): This shows how rare a system is (0=could be found everyday - 9=never released/prototype)

N=Demand (0-9): This shows how sought after the system is (0=no one is interested in it 9=every collector wants to have it)

For example: RN:7-1 means you might have a system that is very rare, but almost no one is really interested in while RN:0-9 means you have a system that is very common, but everyone wants to own it (for example, the Vectrex)

[YR:77]: This shows the year of release, in this case 1977

[SC:DE]: This shows the country of release, in this case DE=Deutschland/Germany. Other values include ES=Espania/Spain, FR=France etc...

Please take the time to browse thought our massive collection of pictures and information. You can also create an account which will allow you to write comments on each item you find here as well as take part in our forums that will hopefully launched this summer. ENJOY!!

P.S. Thanks to Darren Sulfridge for corrections.

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Syrelec Videoshoot
Syrelec Videoshoot
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Saba Videoplay Ad Advertising German "Spiegel" Magazine
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